The Twins come home!

The twins arrived home from hospital on May 23, 1998. Genevieve and I trundled along to the nursery with the capsules we had hired, strapped them in, and learned the hard way how to strap them into Genevieve's Corolla! Here's a photo of Genevieve with the capsules entering the house!


It's great to have them home. The house now has a constant 'baby smell' about it. Life is a constant stream of feeding them, changing nappies, trying to grab some sleep...

May 27 Update - I took several days off work but today Genevieve's sister, Gail, arrived form Darwin to stay with us a for a week and a half. Gail is not only a trained nurse, she is an experience mother of 3! It's great to have her around to help.

June 4 Update - Both twins are putting on weight at a good rate. Jenny, the hospital post-natal nurse, visits us once or twice a week armed with a set of scales. Matthew is now over 3 kilos, and Michael is 2.6 kilos. Matthew has taken to breast feeding like a duck to water, but Michael, who is smaller physically, never quite got the hang of breast feeding, and after quite a few crying matches, we gave in, and he is being fed by bottles with mum's expressed milk.

June 9 update - Genevieve's other sister, Jane, who lives in Springwood in the Blue Mountains, is coming to stay with us during the week. This is a wonderful gesture on Jane's part, and it means I can get to work without looking totally blotto!

Here's a collection of pictures from late June 98.

In their bunny-rugs! Matthew in the foreground.
Michael (No 8) and Matthew (No 15) in their outfits 
- presents from Frank and Gill!
In the their woollen 'helmets', ready for a walk in their pram! They normally sleep in their pram as well
Have a look at some pictures with relatives.

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