The Christening!

The boys were christened at St David's Uniting Church, Haberfield on November 22, 1998.  Rev Alan Russell (Uncle Alan!) did the honours. As he happens to be my brother-in-law, it was quite a family occasion. 

Doug and Jeanne Robson are Matthew's godparents. Michael's godparents are Ben and Dora O'Brien as well as Christine Stephens.

Here's a picture of the less-than-relaxed quartet...

And here's Alan doing the honours! There must have been something wrong with the camera, as it seems to have shown my hair to be a little too thin on top...

Michael is a great one for crowds and was quite at ease during the entire proceedings. Matthew on the other hand, is not that good in crowds, and needed to be comforted during the process with a bottle!

Joan and Roy in Ireland, if you get to see this page, the boys are wearing the little suits that you sent them a few months ago. Thanks again!

After the service we had 85 people round our place for spit roast lunch.

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