Christmas 1998!

Hi there everybody!  We're really excited about our first Christmas, even though we don’t really know what it is. We’ve heard it’s the birthday of a guy called Jesus whom we haven’t met yet, but he must be alright to have such a big party.  Anyway, we’ll be into it if there’s yummy things to eat and toys to play with, and we might even think of something special to give our Mum and Dad: maybe a few more of those smiles – they seem to like those a lot!

We’ve finished our swimming classes for this year and we loved it. We were especially good at the game where you get to stand up in the water with Mummy’s hands holding your feet.  Daddy is very excited about flashing coloured lights on a tree! He says we’ll love them too.

We wish everybody a happy Christmas especially our friends at playgroup and mothers' group. An especially nice Christmas to Auntie Jane and Grandma Maud who have helped look after us so well. And a big hello to all our relatives in other parts of the world - especially Ireland (wherever that is...).

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