Summer Days!

Well, this was our first summer!  We spent a lot of time in the back yard, playing under the mango tree. Mummy and daddy moved our high chairs out to the back verandah, and we have had the luxury of dining al fresco ever since! Here's a photo of us coming to grips with the subtle art of eating! Mummy makes us yummy food in the blender, like porridge in the morning! Plus lots of fruit. Food is funny stuff - some types of food   finds its way more easily into the mouth than others..

high chairs.jpg (83948 bytes)

One day in January, mummy and daddy took us to visit our friends Joel and Joshua who live on Rodd island in the middle of Sydney Harbour! Here's a picture of us with mummy on the island. Daddy was trying to make us laugh, but only mummy took up the challenge!
GV and boys.jpg (39969 bytes)

In our spare time we have been learning some essential life skills - here's a picture of me - Matthew! - learning to swim in our pool!  Some times the pool is so deep, you can actually get your whole head underwater!
matthew in pool.jpg (35486 bytes)
And here's me - Michael that is! - after a guitar lesson. Stevie Ray Vaughan move over...
michael in dish.jpg (39390 bytes)


Getting around continues to be a bit of a problem for us as neither of us can walk yet!  Crawl - yes! 
Here's us in our stroller in our 'Sunday-goin'-to-meetin' outfits!

stroller.jpg (31166 bytes)
And here's Michael pushing Matthew around in the low-slung cart, the cornering ability of which is exceeded only by its propensity to lose wheels!
wee cart.jpg (37058 bytes)

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