We survived the Winter!

October 1999:

Seems like we haven't written to you all for some time...  We got through the winter OK!  Funny we can't remember last year's winter at all - perhaps our memory is failing with age!!  Ah well, that's the way things are!

We have both learned how to run, and have been exploring every bit of the back yard. Daddy takes us for rides round the district in the wheelbarrow, which doesn't have get a few chuckles!

Granma still comes to play with us several days each week, and Aunty Jane comes to spend every Thursday with us. 

We had two lots of visitors from Ireland - Aunty Kathy and Uncle Malcolm came to spend a couple of weeks with us.  We had some great craic! Then Uncle John, Aunty Wendy and cousin Laura visited.  We did lots of things together. Boy that cousin Laura gets up to some mischief!

Enough talking, here's some pictures of us!

boys in bin - 72bits.jpg (17814 bytes) Daddy was doing some gardening one day and put us into the recycling bin! 

[Michael] I love bins - I wish we had one in our bedroom!

And here's a picture of us with our hobby horse!  We are both quite good at riding it now.  This horse was made by granda McCrea a long time ago when cousin Ben was our size.  And cousin Ben is now 22! It's nice to have a reminder of granda McCrea, even though we have never met him. boys with horse.jpg (28111 bytes)
staring into space with monkey1.jpg (21271 bytes) Now, what was it we were looking at! Whatever it was we can't remember! One of the nice things about our house is that it is directly under the flight path for Sydney airport. Watching aeroplanes is such great fun. Can't understand why mummy and daddy can't get as excited about them!

We have been learning how to feed ourselves, with varied results!   Yoghurt is the easiest. Problem is you have to keep the spoon upright before it gets to your mouth! learning to feed with spoons1.jpg (13305 bytes)

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