Our first birthday!

Well!  Mayday 1999 was a day to remember!  We discovered what birthdays are all about!  We had a party and asked lots of our friends. Funny we didn't know we had so many friends - we think they were probably friends of mummy and daddy mainly...

Mummy created 2 cake 'sculptures', which we all ate - eventually.  Here's us with our cakes:

boys with cakes.jpg (46845 bytes)

Matthew:  my cake was in the shape of a koala, because mummy considered that was indicative of my personality.  Strange, because I normally sleep at night rather than during the day... matthew with cake.jpg (31985 bytes)
michael with cake.jpg (25934 bytes) Michael:  And my cake was a kangaroo!  Because apparently I bounce around a lot!  It's strange how you learn about yourself from cakes!
The cakes cause a lot of commotion amongst the other boys and girls who were at the party - especially when mummy started to cut the koala cake!  Here's some of the boys and girls looking excited about eating the cake! children with cake.jpg (47172 bytes)
Mummy and daddy gave us a swing for our birthday, and daddy attached it to a tree in the back garden. Here's me - Michael - on the swing!  It's a beauty!

michael on swing.jpg (37064 bytes)

And finally here's a picture of me - Matthew - with daddy. It seemed only reasonable that I should have a picture on my own seeing Michael had one with him on the swing! matthew with daddy.jpg (32612 bytes)

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