Christmas  2000

On Christmas day we had a barbecue lunch in the back yard.  Daddy cooked a couple of turkeys in the camp oven, and they almost turned out all right!

We had Auntie Jane there, with Uncle Chris, as well as Uncle Chris's mum.  Not to forget those rascal cousins, Kelly and Leanne! And Uncle Neil. And Auntie Christine from Adelaide with Anno and Mannie Mae.

Grandma Maudie was there of course, as well as Auntie Diane, Uncle Alan, and the 4 boys - Ben, Jamie. Mark and Jonathan.
Auntie Christine came to stay with us for a week or so over Christmas from Adelaide, along with our cousins, Anno and Mannie Mae.

Here's a picture that mummy took of Auntie Christine, with Anno and Mannie Mae at Grandma Laurel's house.  Auntie Jane and Leanne were also there. 

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