Jackson Pollack move over 
- we've learned how to paint!

Jan 2000:

Mumy has been teaching us how to paint! She has
pinned a big piece of butcher's paper to an even
bigger piece of gyprock, and we have set up a 
'plein air' studio under the mango tree. If only 
Jackson Pollack had had such an inspirational
environment, just think of what he might have

Here's me - Matthew - casting a critical eye over
a few cursory brush strokes!

painting1.jpg (36323 bytes)
painting3.jpg (35470 bytes) Michael:  Now it's my turn to adorn the canvas!
I tend to go for the broader brush strokes myself...
All good things muct come to and end. Cleaning 
up is not quite as much fun as painting. We can't 
understand why it took mummy so long to get the
paint off the sandstone steps...
painting2.jpg (38628 bytes)

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