We turn 4!!

We turned 4 on May 1, 2002.  We had a party with some of our friends a few days after that on May 11. Mummy made us a beautiful cake each. We both selected our cake designs - Matthew went for Noah's ark, and Michael went for a butterfly! 
Here are a few snaps of our actual party.  Click on each of the pictures for an enlargement - about 100kbytes.
Here's us preparing  to blow out the candles!  We needed a bit of assistance!  Here's the team - Jessica, Tom, Annabelle, Michael, Hannah, Matthew, Bayu, Zack, Jett and Bowen
Here's me - Matthew taking in a big breath ready to blow out my candle!! Phewwwww - that got it!! Michael: now it's my turn!! Everybody quiet!!... Wow, this candle's a stubborn one...
We played lots of games - such as 'Pass the parcel' I wish we could remember what the secret was... 
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