August 2002

Mummy and daddy took us skiing for 3 days in August.  We stayed in a farmhouse in Berridale, with our friends Ellen, Daniel and Liam, and their mummy and daddy, Frank and Gill.  Also Emma, with her daddy, Doug, and her aunt Annette.    Click on the pictures below for an enlargement (about 70K).
This was the first time time we had seen snow!  Wow - was it cold!  Never seems to be as cold on Postman Pat - or Kipper for that matter.  The first day we played with toboggans at Smiggins Holes.
Here's me - Matthew - going down a big - first with daddy, and then on my own!  Wheee....
And then we hit the skis!  We spent 2 days in ski-school at ThredboLand - and at the end of it - wow! we could ski!  It was great fun skiing with mummy, daddy, Ellen, Daniel and Liam at the end of our second day!
Here are a couple of pictures of mammy and daddy posing in the snow! (photos courtesy of Frank...).
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