Christmas time 2003

We had a great time at Christmas!  Santa was good to us, bringing us lots of toys!  Daddy took 2 weeks off work.  We did lots of interesting things - some of these are below!  Click on the images for an enlargement - arouond 100k.
We both tried our hand at acting!  Both of us were shepherds in the nativity play at church.  That's us with the checked head-gear!  Tom, Christopher and Finn were also shepherds.  Baby Ben was Jesus! Michael:  this was my prop for the shepherd's role - every time I moved the cow, it made a mooing noise, which provided some interesting sound accompaniment to the bible readings !
We had Christmas dinner under the mango tree - 20 people in all!  Auntie Christine and her friend, Austin came from Adelaide, along with Mani-Mae and Anno.  Then there was Auntie Jane and Uncle Chris, plus Kelly and Leanne.  And then of course Auntie Diane, Uncle Alan, and cousins Ben, Jamie, Mark and Jonathan.  Oh - and grandma, of course!  Daddy cooked 2 turkeys in the camp ovens on the open fire. Here's a picture of Mani-Mae and Anno and us in the hammock.  We can now swing the hammock using a rope without anyone to rock us!
 We had some friends over in the days after Christmas.  Here's us kids eating at our own exclusive table!  There's Jessica, Greta, Helena, Tom and us.
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