Grace Gedye comes to visit - August 2003

Our good friend, Grace Gedye, has come to live in Australia from America - at least for a while.  We caught up with them a few weeks ago just after they arrived.  Grace's daddy put some pictures at

Grace and her daddy and mammy came to visit us on Saturday night in August.  We had great fun playing the tree house, where we _all_ had nibblies and drinks!  Then we had a barbecue.

Here are a few snaps of the night, that David (Grace's daddy) took.  Thank you David for letting us use them on our web site - they are great pictures.  Click on each of these for an enlargement (about 70K).  You can see more great pictures of Grace at

Here's me - Michael - entertaining Grace in the cubby house!
And here's me - Matthew - complete with penguin in the grapefruit tree-house.
Just exactly what are mummy and Chris talking about?? Looks awfully important...
And here's dad involved in the serious business of doing the cooking!
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