We turn 5!  May 1, 2003

Well, we turned 5 on May 1.  This was actually a Thursday, so we had a party two days later on the Saturday afternoon.  We had 11 of our friends around, and it was a great time. 

Here's a picture of us playing pass-the-parcel. Natalie's dad, Craig, was Mr Music!  David, dad of Tom and Greta, is there.  Also Ellen, mummy of Jessica and baby Alicia, as well as Antoinette, the mummy of twins Matthew and Alexander.

After that we chased daddy all round the garden, because he was wearing a T-shirt that had lots of sweets stuck to it!  There was not one sweet stuck to his T-shirt after that!

Mummy made cakes - aren't they great!
Michael: I asked for a Mars cake - coz I like planets!
Matthew: I wanted a cake in the shape of Australia!
Here's Michael  blowing out hs candle. Tom is a 
picture of concentration as he watches proceedings!
Here's me - Matthew - blowing out my candle! 
After that I cut the cake with due aplomb, making an incision in Queensland just above the tropic of Capricorn!
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