Our camping holiday in January 2003

We had Christmas and New Year at home this year.  It was nice to have all the family around for Christmas lunch - Uncle Alan and Auntie Diane, Ben, Mark and Jonathan (Jamie is overseas), as well as Auntie Jane, Uncle Chris, Kelly and Leanne.  Grandma was there as well as Uncle Chris's mum. 

Mummy and daddy then took us camping.  We spent a couple of days in idyllic isolation at our favourite camping spot at Cobrabald on the Wilson River, near Wauchope, before we joined the throngs at South West Rocks for a week.  Then we drove to Brisbane and camped in the backyard of Frank, Gill, Daniel, Liam and Ellen!

The only pictures mummy and daddy took were of the first couple of days at Cobrabald - here they are!  Click on them for an enlargement (about 75K).

Here's us in the tent amusing mummy and daddy
by playing puppets!
Here's us showing that we like each other down by the river.  It was fun rock-hopping and getting wet!
Hey, this is me - Michael - showing how much I really like this place!
And here's me again (Michael) trying to get daddy out of my airibed!  All he want to do is pose for the camera!
Another big hug!
See, I like this place too! (Matthew)
Mummy showed us when we were camping  how to make a cake!  Licking the bowl is the best part
South West Rocks is near Smoky Cape, 
which has a lighthouse.  Here's a team photo t
hat a kind bystander took!
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