Playing and Learning - Mar/Apr 2003

In our front garden we have a Monsterio Delisioso that produces a beautiful seed every year.  Here's us with mummy making the seed feel welcome!
We both go to music classes every week.  We're learning to play the piano, and to do a bit of dancing now and then!  Here's us doing one of our routines!
Mummy and daddy had a wedding anniversary on April 11.  Daddy took the day of work, and we went for a picnic for the day, swimming in Jelly Bean Pool near Glenbrook.  We took our bikes and had great fun riding down a long grassy hill!
Michael:  Daddy - how do I stop this thing??  Good thing daddy took the photo when he did, 'coz a few seconds later the bike was on top of me!!
Matthew:  This is a real action shot - you can tell because the grass is all blurry!
This is an internal version of the Teddy Bear's picnic!  We got a few candles and entertained our favourite teddy bear for an evening meal!  Teddy was on his best behaviour, managing not to spill a bit of food!
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