May 2003 - the garden and friends

Here are some pictures of us playing in the garden, and entertaining some friends!
 Michael:  I helped daddy rake up some 
 of the leaves in the front garden.  The 
 best part of the job is getting a ride in 
 the wheelbarrow to the compost heap!
  Mummy, being a bit of a potter, is keen
  for us to get in on the act.  Here's us
  having our first lesson on the potter's
   We keep a hole in the fence so our
   neighbours, the France family, can visit
   us. Here's Barbara and Emily on one
   particular visit in May.
  Mummy's friend, Ellen, is a regular
  visitor, along with baby Alicia and
  Jessica.  Here's a picture of me
  (Michael) holding baby Alicia.
  Isn't she lovely - she's just like a doll!  And here's Jessica, wearing part of
 Tele-tubby Dipsy outfit.

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