Bundanon - April2004

In the school holidays in April, mummy was lucky enough to secure a residency at Arthur Boyd's studio on the Shoalhaven River near Nowra, about two and a half hours south of Sydney.  She was the only resident at the studio for the two week period.

Daddy and Matthy and Michael spent the Easter weekend down there with mummy, and then came back to see her the following weekend.  Daddy took the 2 weeks off work, so we spent a fair bit of time with him.

  Here is mummy slaving away in the studio.  It was beautifully situated with rolling lawns down to the river, and lots of french windows.
(Matthew): Michael and I also did lots of painting as well!
Sunrise over the Shoalhaven on Easter Sunday morning.
The scene a few minutes later...
There was an Education centre on the property as well, designed by Glenn Murcett.  It sat beautifully in the landcape.
The second weekend we went to visitbmummy , daddy decided to leave her the car, and so we caught the train back to Sydney from Bomaderry!
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