A trip to Mudgee - July 2004 

In July, daddy and mummy decided to go away for a weekend.  We went to Mudgee to the Field Day to see all the agricultural machinery and animals on display.  Mudgee is about 3 and a half hours drive from Sydney. It was sooo cold!  On the Friday night we stayed at a motel in Lithgow, and spent the Saturday at the Field Day.  Then we stopped in to visit our friends Jesse, Isobella, Elouise, and Oscar who used to live opposite us in Haberfield.  They moved with their mummy and daddy to the country and are living on a farm near Rlystone.

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We stopped on the way to Mudgee for mummy to take some pictures of landscapes, so  to relieve the boredom, we decided to pose for the camera....   And when we got to the Mudgee Field Day, there was a camel!  We had a ride on it.  It must have been tired, because it did not go very fast.  Daddy thought it was interesting going for a camel ride with grape vines in the background!

We went back to the Motel at Lithgow that night, and - guess what!  It snowed!  We were amazed to find the whole landscape was white.  We plastered  each other, as well as mummy and daddy, with snowballs.  And we made a snowman! Our neighbours from Haberfield - the France family - were staying in the room next door to us, and we woke them up with a rendition of Christmas carols!

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