November and December 2004 

Here are a few snaps of us doing all sorts of things in November and December.
Click on these for an enlargement - about 70Kbytes.
The first couple of pictures is of us playing up a little!  We don't normally dress alike, but we took the notion of dressing alike as twins just for once.  Here's us in our Rugby World Cup T-shirts.  Why the pegs in the hair??  We were being bothered by some flies, and we thought we would get rid of them with a few pegs swinging from our head!

The third picture was taken when Jessica and Alicia came to our place for a barbecue.  Here's us making Alicia feel at home as we sit watching the barbecue...


One Sunday in December - just before Christmas - it actually rained!  We have not had much rain, and have not been watering the garden - except for a couple of days per week (when we are allowed to) to treat the new turf that daddy laid.  We danced around in the rain - it was lovely.  It was great fun splashing daddy with buckets of water afterwards!

Here's a couple of snaps with our friends.  The first is with dear grandma, who loves us and visits us most days.  The second is with our friend Madison who came to visit one day during the school holidays.
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