Camping at the Warrumbungles -  October 2004 

We stayed home for all of the September/October school holidays.  But mummy and daddy decided to go on a camping trip a week or so after the school holidays were over.  Mummy works Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.  So we took Thursday and Friday off school, as well as the following Monday, and went off camping.  Daddy took off the same 3 days as well.

We headed up to the Warrumbungles National Park, which is over 5 hours drive north west of Sydney.  The first night we stayed in a motel in Lithgow, and got to the Warrumbungles early Thursday afternoon.  The Warrumbungles are the remains of and old volcano, and there are some interesting volcanic 'plugs' left around.  They have interesting names, such as 'Belougery Spire' and 'The Breadknife'.

Click on the pictures for an enlargement (about 100 Kbytes) - except for the kangaroo shot.

Here's the Warrumbungles taken from the nearby Sidings Springs telescope. Daddy bought a new tent for this trip. Here it is!  We camped on our own in a field of purple flowers. Did we say on our own??  We had dozens of kangaroo friends! Here's a picture of some taken from the tent!

We went on a couple of bush walks. Here's a picture of us with daddy having a bit of a rest in a small cave. The other 2 pictures are of us with Belougery Spire in the background.  These were taken on different days - that's why we are wearing different clothes!

The longest walk was one called "the Grand High Tops".  It was about 14 kilometres, and was the longest walk we have ever done!  It took us neat the top of the Warrumbungles.  Here's a picture of us with mummy, with Belougery Spire in the background.  We had the company of a friendly currawong!  THen there's a picture of us with "The Breadknife" in the background - and you can see why it is called "the Breadknife...  And a kind passer-by took a team photo, again with "The Breadknife" in the background.

The walk was soooo long, and we were both tired.  But it was worth it!
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