August - October 2005 

Well, life keeps going on...  We are kept busy playing with our friends, and feeding the cat and fish.  
Miffy has become part of the family - here's a couple of pictures of Miffy.  
After we have a bath Miffy somtimes likes to lick our wet hair! 

Michael and Miffy   Matt and Miffy

Rugby is over for the year. We had a presentation day, and we both got trophies that are displayed proudly on the mantlepiece!

Here's us being presented our trophies by Mick, our ever patient coach. Pity he's an All Black supporter...

Here's us dressed up as pirates when we went to the birthday of our friend Finn.
Our good friends Jessica and Alicia often visit us.  One day we decided to get dressed up as grown-ups - what do you think??
We entered the Haberfield Garden Competition, and got a prize for the cubby houses.  We won a worm farm!

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