School holidays - January 2005 

Well, we finished our first year at school just before Christmas, and boy did we need a holiday!  We stayed around home for the couple of weeks after Christmas, and then went camping with our friends Ellen, Daniel and Liam.  We stayed 3 nights at a secret camping place by a great waterhole, somewhere between Sydney and Brisbane...  Then we spent a week camping at Arakoon National Park at South West Rocks, where we stayed last year. 

Click on the pictures below for an enlargement (about 100K).

Here's a couple fo snaps of us kids just playing around at Arakoon!

Each day at Arakoon the baker came around the campsite, and this was the highlight of the day!
Here's us waiting patiently for the baker.  He finally arrives, and then we delicately stuff our faces...

Mummy and daddy promised us a pet when we got home.  So one day mummy took us to the RSPCA
and we selected a beautiful kitten!  We spent a long time looking for a name in the baby book,
and settled on Myffanwy, but seeing we could neither pronounce it nor spell it
we decided to call her Miffy!
Here's a picture of us, with our friend Ashley from down the road, tending to Miffy.

After coming back from holidays we did quite a few creative things - like growing vegetables!
How do these carrots measure up!  William, our friend next door, was suitable impressed...
Here's a picture of me (Matthew) with some of the inventions I've made recently.

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