We start playing rugby - March 2005

We've started playing rugby!  We're in the Under 7s team in West's Juniors!  It's great fun.  We train on Wednesday evenings from 5.30 to 6.30pm.  Our games are all early on Saturday morning at Marsfield, about half an hour's drive away.  There's no tackling in the Under 7s, 8s ot 9s - it's a two handed touch.
Here's us in our team uniform!
Here's the complete team!  We play 7 a side.  Mick is our coach.  Despite him being an All -Blacks supporter, he is a great bloke!
An action shot in our first game!  Here's me - Matthew - in full stride.  Why did daddy cut off the rest of the picture?  I'm sure there was a try line close by...
 We were all friends after the match!  We played Beecroft.  Can't remember whether we won or lost!
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