Rugby in 2006 

We played rugby again this year for Wests Juniors. We were in the the Under 8s this year.  Most of our friends from the Under 7s came back - and we had Seru and Jamie from our class at school in the team as well!   Dad is Club Secretary again.

Here is an official team photo.  Our coaches are Tim and Mark. They are teriffic blokes, who are very patient with us...
nd we do try their patience at times... Murray's mum, Samantha, was our Manager again.

Below are a couple of pictures of one our games, taken by Jamie's dad.  Jamie has the ball in the first photo.
Click on each of the photos for an enlargement.

Here are a couple of individual shots.  The ones in the middle were taken at the NSW Minis gala day in August, which our club organised.  There was an offcial photographer there that took pictures during the day, and printed them so they looked like they were from a magazine cover.  Cool - eh!

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