One weekend at Bowen's place - September 2007

Our friend, Bowen, has a property at Ilford, about 3 hours drive away.  One weekend in September, Bowen asked us and a few of his other friends away for the weekend. It was a "dad and boys" weekend...

Here's a picture of the house in the early morning sun.  Bowen's dad has been building it in his spare time
over the past few years.

They have an old Kingswood ute that they keep there.
We all had lots of rides in the back of it!

Bowen is lucky enough to have a 50cc bike, and he was good enough to let us have rides on it.
Here's me - Matthew - on the bike, under the watchful eye of Gary, Bowen's dad.
Bowen's brother, Cooper, made a tree house when we were there. Here's me (Michael) with Jamie, getting a birds nest view!
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