January 2007

In January we followed the usual ritual of spending a week camping at South West Rocks.  This year, our cousins Jamie, Jenny and Hamish camped with us.  Great fun was had by all!   Click on the pictures below for an enlargement.

Here's a picture of us having a bbq one evening - Auntie Gail, daddy, Michael, Matthew, Jenny and Hamish.  Mummy took the photo - but where was Jamie?
Here's us just before sunset over Trial Bay.  Matthew: "I decided to grow my hair really long..."
And here's Matthew having his locks clipped by Fay, who comes to our house every few weeks and gives us a trim!

Later in January we went on a bush walk in the blue mountains.  Here's me (Michael) by a waterfall in the Valley of the Waters.
Matthew and Daddy had a skinny dip under the waterfall (what - no pictures??).  Here's us looking pleased with ourselves!
We then traveled to Cowra to pick up mummy's pictures at the end of an exhibition.  Here's me (Michael) and mummy enjoying a quiet ice-cream!
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