We acquire 2 hens for the back yard! 

We decided that we would like to have some hens, so we put the notion to mum and dad, who eventually said yes!  We decided that we had outgrown the sandpit under the cubby hose, so daddy converted the sandpit into a chicken coop.  Sort of 4.5 Star accommodation, with a nice dry tongue-and-groove roost!

We had to play some rugby games at Dural, where they happen to have a pet shop that sells hens. We bought the shop out the first day we went there, and came home with 
Wilhelmina...  A couple of weeks later we picked up Roxy when they got more stock in.

Both birds are very friendly.  Here's a picture of Wilhelmina on the first day we got her.
Her coop has never looked as clean since...  We let them out most days to roam around
the back yard.  One day Wilhelmina came into the house and inspected some of
mummy's paintings...
We pick up the chooks and pat them, to make them feel loved - and so they will lay eggs!
Here's a picture of us holding Wilhelmina's fist egg.  We think she still had her training wheels
on, because it was quite a small egg.  We now get one egg a day from the 2 hens.


Here's a picture of me (Michael) taking Wilhelmina for a ride on the swing.  She really loved it!  It was tempting to launch her into the blue yonder at the extremity of the swing, but I resisted...

One day daddy was sitting on the outside toilet, contemplating the problems of the world, when Wilhelmina flew in and landed on his lap, where she proceeded to make herself comfortable for the duration... Pity the camera wasn't handy!

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