March - April 2008

We didn't take too many pictures during January and February.  Here are a few pictures of what our family got up to in March and April.
One weekend Mummy and daddy spent the weekend in Thredbo, as guests of Mummy's friend, Juliana.  It was the first time that mummy and daddy had gone away without us!   We didn't mind, though, as we spent the weekend staying at our friend Tom's house.

Mummy and daddy walked to the top of Mount Kosciuscko, the highest mountain in Australia - here are a couple of pictures of their hike.

Our friend, Alicia, had a birthday in April.  She is a bit younger than us, so we went along to help with the party.  We helped organise the games. 

Here's a picture of Michael providing the music for Musical chairs in all his regalia!

We had a visit from our friend, Trevor, who lives in North Queensland.  Interestingly, we met Trevor through the Internet - he came across our website several years ago, and in due course introduced himself to us.  
Trevor took a few pictures when he was here.  Here's one of us boys looking half decent.
And here's one of the team, taken by Trevor - the first time we have had a team photo on the web since we were born in 1998!!!

In amongst all this, we still go to school...   We're in year 4, but in different classes this year.  Michael has the same teacher as last year - Ms Ellyard, and Tom is in his class. Here's a picture of the Principal, Ms Jacobson, presenting Michael and Tom with Gold Awards!

Matthew is in Mr Maroney's class.

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