Rugby in 2008  

We were in the Under 10s this year at Wests Juniors.  This was the first year we had a "real" competition where results were recorded.  We had a good year, coming equal fourth, but missing out on the finals on points difference.  Character building, we were told...    Dad is in the picture as he coached us.  So did Jacob's dad, Charlie, who is on the left.  Oliver's dad, Rob, and Tyson's dad, Mark also helped coach.  Dave Treweek was our skills trainer.  He did not have a boy in the team, but he faithfully turned up every week to put us through our paces, and did a terrific job.  And Kelera, Seru's mum, was our wonderful manager - that's her with the blond hair next to Matthew!  

   And here's our individual shots.

Matthew played second row during the year, pairing up mostly with OIliver. Matthew is good at making yards taking the ball up the middle, and became good at cleaning out. 

Michael is a nimble and speedy and played in various positions in the outside backs.  Towards the end of the season, the boys began to function well as a team, which meant that the outside backs got a bit of ball, which was great to see.
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