A trip to Brisbane!

At the end of May we went to Brisbane for the birthday of Jason, who is Dad's godson.  This was our first time on an aeroplane, and it was SO GOOD!!  The party was on Saturday night and on Sunday we went to South Bank where we met our cousins Jenny and Jamie, with Auntie Gail. They used to live in Darwin, and we visited them in Darwin in 2001 - see here for the report.

South Bank has a swimming pool which looks a bit like a beach.  We were not planning on swimming, but we managed to buy some swimming costumes at the markets and went for a swim!  
After lunch we all had icecreams - yum!

There is a big Ferris wheel at South Bank - the biggest one that dad had seen.  So we had a ride on there with Jenny and Jamie and Dad. Here is a picture of the wheel as well as the car that we were in.

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