Grug - January 2009

Our lizards - Dougal and Grug - continue to delight us.  We have had them for over a year now and the are growing really big.  Have a look at what they were like in January 2008.   Below are some pictures of Grug taken on pillows on the lounge - don't you think he is camouflaged quite well!

Dougal went missing for quite a few weeks.  The lizards spend most of their time inside a big fishtank - no water of course!  There was a bit of a hole in the lid of their tank and Dougal escaped.  We were really sad at the time.  Then after a few weeks of being missing he turned up again - inside the cage.  He must have come back through the same hole.  He had lost a lot of weight so we are trying to fatten him up again with lots of crickets!

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