January 2009

One day in January before we went back to school daddy proclaimed that it was time for us to see a sunrise over the ocean!   So he got us all up at some unearthly hour - around 5.00am - and took us to Bondi beach.  We picked up our friend, Achim, on gthe way from his flat at Potts Ppoint.  You can see him in the pictures below.  We had a swim and breakfast at Bondi Icebergs after that, and then went home to hide from the heat - it was an unbelievably hot day - over 40 degrees...


Our neighbour, Bill has grapes growing along his back fence.  We decided to pick them and sell them on the footpath to passers by.  We did a roaring trade and sold all our stock in no time!  We blnded some of them and made a really nice grapejuice that was a big favourite with eth crowds!  Here's a picture of us with Bill from next door and our friend, Tom.

Mummy and daddy bouught us a 12 foot diameter swimming pool.  It got a fair hammering during the summer.  Here's us mucking around with our friend Andrew.

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