Our Two month trip!

Our dad turned 60 earlier in the year, and so he decided that he would like to go on a 60 day trip - one day for each year that he has been consuming Oxygen...  He asked if we would all like to go with him, and of course we all said Yay!!  The four of us left on September 17 and returned on November 13.  We arranged to take the time off school, although two of the 8 weeks was school holidays.  We headed north along the easter coast, along the top of Queensland, and then down through the centre. Mum took over 5000 photos on the trip!  We've selected a few of the piccies - mainly of us of course(!).  You can see them in the next few web pages.  Click on the pictures for an enlargement.

Yippee!  A whole 2 months on the road!
 First port of call was Arakoon National Park, where we spend a week each January. Michael decided to start the trip off with a serious bit of civil engineering on the beach...

Dad displaying his "I can't believe I'm 60" look,
with Michael lending moral support. "Ah well, only another 59 days to go..."  
After Arakoon, we spent a night with mum's friend's Kate and Bill at Byron Bay.

We spent a day at Sea World on the Gold Coast.  Clever creatures these dolphins! Then we spent a night with our friends  Barney, Anne, and Joseph on the Gold Coast.

We spent a couple of days with our cousins Hamish and Jamie in Brisbane. Neither of them feature in this picture, but their dogs do! Not sure what happened to Auntie Gail's head...

This is the view from our cousin's house, with the sun setting over the new bridge over the Brisbane River.

Our next port of call was the Glass House
 Mountains, just north of Brisbane.

The Mountains are plugs from volcanoes from the recent past.

When we were there, there was an amazing dust storm - it affected the east coast of Australia, and even as far as New Zealand.

There was a strawberry farm not far away from where we camped, and we were able to pick our own strawberries - yum!

We left the Glass House Mountains, passing through the Sunshine Coast.  Here's us having lunch at Coolum.
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