McCrea family
European trip - June, July 2012

The boys are well aware that their dad, Philip, was brought up in Ireland and came to Australia at age 12.  We have had several Irish relatives visit us in Haberfield over the years, and so we agreed it was time to make return visits to Ireland.  The boys have 2 weeks break from school for the mid-winter break, but approval was given for them to take an additional week, so we headed off to Europe on June 24.

Mum was keen to ensure that the trip was balanced with some art viewing, and so we spent 5 nights in Rome, 4 in London and the remaining 10 nights in Ireland.

Dubai stopover
We flew Emirates, and decided to break the trip in Dubai, where we spent 10 hours.  We caught the train from the airport into down-town Dubai and what an experience it was!  Dubai is an oasis in the middle of the Desert, and has been constructed mostly in the past 20 years or so.  Here is some of the stunning architecture we came across.

The architecture in Dubai can only be described as plain bizarre! The Burj Khalifa (right) is the tallest building in the world at 828 metres.  So tall in fact that mum could not fit the top of it into the picture!  The second picture is of a spiral shaped building under construction.

Matthew started the trip in a somewhat inconvenienced condition.  He injured his elbow playing rugby several weeks before the trip and still had his elbow in a brace when we left Sydney.  After several days into the trip however the brace was discarded - put it down to the Roman air...

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