McCrea family
Rome holiday - June 2012

Our apartment
We flew from Dubai to Rome, and checked in to our apartment, which was right in the centre of Rome - a stone's throw away from the Pantheon
. The apartment was in a 5 story 18th century palace (house), converted into apartments - one on each floor.  We were on the 4th floor.  It was great looking out of the windows at the bustling narrow street below - via Dei Pastini. 

It was quite weird traveling from Dubai which has been constructed during the past 20 years to arrive in Rome to be surrounded by 2000 year old buildings.

The weather was hot, so we tended to sight-see in the mornings, have lunch in the apartment, and head out in the evening for  dinner under the stars.  Here are a couple of pictures looking out of the apartment window.

Michael studying the breakfast menu in our local Piazza - Piazza della Rotonda.  The breakfast was a bit on the expensive side so we had subsequent breakfasts and lunches in our apartment.
  One side of thee local piazza was fully
  occupied by the Pantheon, which was
  just majestic inside and out. 2000 years
  on and it is still as imposing as ever.
  At the other end of our street was the
  Piazza di Pietra which was totally
  dominated by the Temple of Hadrian,
  looking equally as imposing after 2000

Rome is a living art
gallery and museum. We had an enjoyable time wandering round the piazzas, savouring the Roman and medieval environments, as well as the Raphaels and Carravagios. 

Plus a few quirky things -
Matthew was intrigued to come across his name up on some scaffolding, while Michael tied to commune with the Pope in the doorway of the wax museum, and was amused by the Magritte-inspired artist holding court in the Piazza Navona! 

The Colosseum

The Colosseum was simply stunning!  We  got there early - 8.30am - so we missed the bulk of the crowds - as well as the heat!  It hit the mid 30s by noon,

Our planning did not go quite so well with the Vatican, however.  The Pope was holding court in St Peters on the day we turned up, consecrating new bishops or something, and as a result the Cistine Chapel, St Peters and the Museum were closed.  A good reason for a return trip..

The Forum
We spent a morning at the Forum,

and dad re-lived his Latin school-days..
   Mum was in sensory overload with the

   Roman relics...
And the boys cooled off with water from the natural spring in the Forum.

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