McCrea family
Holiday in Northern Ireland - July 2012

Dad was brought up in Northern Ireland, and went to Australia with his parents when he was 12.  For the first part of the trip to Ireland we stayed in County Tyrone, where Philip grew up.  We stayed with Philip's cousin, John McCrea and Wendy, in Cookstown.  The weather was quite good and we enjoyed several long summer evenings having great craic in John and Wendy's back garden. 
Dad spent a fair bit of time reliving old times, heading off in the car on his own to explore old haunts.  Below is "Sanville" in Coalisland where he was brought up.  The other two pictures are the graves of dad's grandparents - the McCrea grave is at Brigh Presyterian Church, and the Kells grave is at Ballyclog graveyard.

   Wendy took us to her brother's farm at
   Ballymaguire where over 20,000 free range
   chickens were being raised
Quite a sight -
   not to mention the cacophony...

   We traveled to Belfast for a day to look at
   the Titanic exhibition, recently opened to
   commemorate the centenary of  the Titanic.
   It's well worth a visit.

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