Holidaying at South West Rocks January 2012

We went on our annual holidays camping at South West Rocks.  This year we stayed for 2 weeks instead of just one week, which was so much better.  The weather was really good - a bit cooler than normal and dry.  Just after we left they had several weeks of rain with quite severe flooding.

We had Bill from next door with us for most of the time.  A fair bit of time was spent in the hammock and playing monopoly.


One of the interesting aspects of South West Rocks is that Arakoon - the National Park and camping ground - is on a peninsula that juts out so much that looks like a bit of a hook on the map.  The result is that the beach at Arakoon actually faces west, which is quite unusual for the east coast of Australia.  Here are a couple of shots of the sun setting over the bay.

We spent a fair bit of time at Little Bay, just over the headland from where we were camping. 

Mum in particular spent a fair bit of time painting there because the rocks are extra special.

Where we camp at Arakoon is just along the bay from the town of South West Rocks.  There is  an interesting set of rocks at Town Beach at South West Rocks that look quite spectacular at sunset. 

We were on the rocks one evening looking out to sea when a pod of dolphins swam by, showing off by jumping clean out of the water - and we thought they only did that at amusement parks...

One day we found a shark head washed up on the tide.  It was clean cut off so we assume some fisherman was responsible.  It was the first occasion we had encountered a shark up close, so we souvenired a couple if its teeth
as a memento of the occasion...

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