Leanne gets married - January 2013

We spent 2 weeks at Arakoon at South West Rocks in January, on the annual camping pilgrimage.  Right in the middle of the 2 weeks, cousin Leanne decides to get married!   So we trundled back to Sydney for the wedding which was held at Oatlands.  Leanne married Dirk, a very pleasant South African guy - save for the fact that he has a tendency to support the Springboks!  Genevieve's entire family descended on 25 Tressider Ave from all over the country, and a good time was had by all.  

The happy couple!

The four of us all scrubbed up
with Auntie Christine from Adelaide

Cousins Hamish and Jamie from Brisbane.  
Don't they make a handsome foursome?

Michael and cousin Jenny

Michael and Uncle Neil.  Neil unfortunately
passed away later in the year.  See here
for a tribute to him.

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