Camping at Myall Lakes - Easter 2014

Over the Easter weekend the family went camping at Myall Lakes National Park, about 4 hours drive north of Sydney.  We camped at Dees Corner, which is on a narrow strip of land between between the Lake and the ocean.  So we had a choice of the tranquility of the lake, or the pounding surf of the Pacific.  We were the advance party, and we set up camp before the Haythornthwaites and Pigott families arrived.  Gail materialised from Brisbane for a couple of days.
the campsite as we arrived
We found a sheltered site at the end of the campsite close to the lake

campsite set up
The annex provided welcome shelter
from the rain the first night. 
the troops move in
The troops take up position around the fire...

The lakes are brackish and have a well
defined edge, with a 300mm drop into
the water, which is still only waist
deep 300metres out.

Matthew looking wistful...

Dan arrived from Moree sporting his new Hilux, and decided to take it over the dunes to the beach - much to the delight of the boys!  Quite a good time was had by all, till the Hilux got bogged in the sand - with an incoming tide to boot!  With the use of some mats and a fair bit of elbow grease, the Hilux was eventually freed!
The beach stretched from Hawks Nest
to Seal Rocks.

Michael, Matt, Finn, Leo, Luca and Tom

Thanks to David for a couple of portrait shots of he boys.


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