A trip to Moree

Matthew and Michael turned 16 on May 1, and both received their Learners' Driving Licence the same day - keen huh??  They have been motoring around the city on short trips, but in the July school holidays we decided to go on a country trip so the boys could notch up some driving hours - they need to drive for 120 hours (and turn 17) before they are eligible for their licence proper.  We headed off to Moree to visit Dan.
Michael at the wheel
Michael at the wheel
Dan in cafe in Moree
Dan has returned home to Moree to run the
family business - Assefs - an amazing country clothing and footwear store. Philip and Genevieve finally bought themselves RM Williams boots!  The boot room out the back is impressive...

Dan in boot store

On the way back to Sydney we stopped by Mt Kaputar National Park, the main feature of which is an ancient volcanic plug.  The volcano, along with the nearby extinct Warrumbungles volcanos, are responsible for the lush farmlands of the Liverpool Plains.  You could drive almost to the top of Mt Kaputar, which was good practice for the boys. 
On the road to Mt Kaputar
Lunch at Mt Kaputar
Genevieve sketching at the summit

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