The McCrea family- 2017 in review

This chronicles some of the the McCrea family goings-on in 2017 - at least those activities when a camera was handy...
We had a couple of family camping trips during the year. 
The first was a week in February at Arakoon National Park.  First time we have been able to go there outside school holidays. The boys joined us for part of the time.
The second was several days in April at Cundle Flat Farm in the upper reaches of the Manning River near Gloucester, with the Haythornthwaite and Pigott families.

Philip - master of all he surveys at
Arakoon National Park

Brilliant swimming hole at Cundle Flat Farm being admired by Archie, the Haythornthwaite dog,

  The communal living area at Cundle Flat.

Breakfast time - with Gabriel, David and Adele

Michael - facing the right way for a change...
The boys had a couple of camping trips away with a few of their mates - the desperate seven - with Finn H, Bowen M, Tom K, Luca C, and Tom P - at Bowen's farm near Running Stream, and also at Khancoban

The Inaugural Tressider Ave Cricket Match
The Australia Day long weekend in January featured the inaugural Tressider Ave Cricket match, played in the (ex) army land next door, the wicket for which had been groomed for several weeks.  For ease of access Matt constructed a subtle gate in the fence that was unnoticeable from the other side...


A selection of the spectators

Post match recovery session...

We like Canberra in winter, and have been spending an extended weekend there for the past few years, luxuriating in the Hyatt. The boys came with us this time for a family get-away.

After dinner drinks at the Hyatt

Botanic gardens - desert park

Our pets that have free rein of the backyard. Mynie, the younger of our two cats, is fairly precocious, and a real camera hog
Our two chickens keep us well supplied with eggs. 
The fish manage to survive in the outdoor pond in their own autonomous ecosystem, which has managed to attract a couple of noisy frogs.

Back Yard Living
We are blessed with a terrific back yard and we tend to live in it a lot of the time. Plants tend to thrive on neglect - fortunately the soil is fertile and the plants survive - Darwinian style...

The BBQ area gets a fair hammering

Grevillea in bloom

            Monthly boot shine time!

Jazzman in full splendour


Michael with cousin Reuben, and newly arrived cousin Sophie

We see Alan and Diane most Sundays at church. This was a birthday gathering.

Not sure if it is entirely kosher, but Philip took two of his godchildren, Simone and Toby + friends, on a craft brewery tour in November when Toby came down from Brisbane
The boys continued to be active in sport during the year.  Matt played in West Harbour Rugby First Colts.  It wasn't the best of seasons, but the camaraderie was terrific. Philip ran the line for most of the games.
Michael moved from Leichhardt Rowing club to UTS Haberfield Club, which is a more competitive club. He heads off to training at 5.00am on his bicycle.
He is in the extended NSW lightweight eight squad.

  Matt in action against Southern
Districts (piccie JB Photography)

Disrupting the Manly lineout
(piccie JB Photography)

Head of the Yarra - Michael third from the front

Philip supported the Wests Juniors Girls Sevens squad during the year, refereeing in the Saturday evening tournaments.

It was a great year for the girls, who fielded teams in the U12, U16 and U16 age groups, and participated in tournaments on the Gold Coast,
Coffs Harbour and at Bowral.

The Girls after a Saturday evening
tournament at Mittigar

         The Under 16s after taking out the Trans
          Tasman Sevens tournament on the Gold Coast
Sport brings old friends together, and it was great to catch up with Barney at the Gold Coast when the U16 girls played there - thanks Barney for organsing canopy, table esky etc.
Likewise it was great to see old friend Jack when at the U15s State Championships at Coffs Harbour.



Matt took up bass in a serious way this year and was a regular player in the St Davids band on Sundays, where he and Philip shared guitar and bass duties.  Michael has been a regular on vocals during the year.

      Outdoors at the spring church service

     Christmas Carols in the churchyard

Jane has been a regular visitor to our place in the second half of the year...

Portraits of the Lads

Time flies...

Helpful ChemistWorks staff...

19th birthday

Matt in one of his more useful moments...
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