Camping January 2009

In January we went on our annual pilgrimage to Arakoon at South West Rocks .  We bought a new tent a few months ago and had already used it a couple of weekends.  This was the first time we had used it for a decent stay.  It's actually a trailer with a tent on top of it.  It has a queen size bed for mum and dad(!), whilst we boys sleep in luxury on self-inflating matresses on the ground!  It has a decentsize annex, which we needed as we had a bit of rain.

The trailer hasa pull-out kitchen whish is really cute.  Here's us boys being really useful in the kitchen!

We had lots of locals for company.  below are a few piccies of the ever inquisitive wallabies, a curious goanna, and one of our ever so noisy kookaburras...


The trailer is really good.  It has a special rack up the front where we can fit the bikes.  It was really useful to have them for scootiing around the camp.

Here's a picture on the right taken by Matthew at lunch at a restaurant in Gladstone by the Clarence River.  This was the last day of our holiday, and when we were there we received a call frm the Nursing Home that Grandma had died.  We were all very sad to hear this.  See here for a tribute to her.

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