Camping - Easter 2011

We went camping over the Easter - Anzac Day holidays at a new place - Cundle Flat Farm, about an hour away from Gloucester, on the upper reaches of the Manning River.  We went with the Pigotts - David, Lara, Tom and Greta, as well as the Haythornthwaites - Gabriel, Adele, Finn, Leo and Eva.

Mum didn't come with us - she took herself off to Fowlers Gap for a bit of painting inspiration.'..

The camp spot was really good with lots of space to spread out, and for playing games.  The owners of the farm - Oliver & Kristina - were very friendly and made us feel welcome.  We used all the tarps to give us a big communal eating a sitting area. The Manning was just in the trees behind the tents.

The weather was good so we cooked over the open fire.  Here's a picture of David extracting some potatoes from the fire.  Sometimes we could almost see each other through the smoke...  The other snap is dad dishing out porridge from the camp oven.

The Manning flowed quite nicely just behind the campsite and we kids spent a fair amount of time going
up and down in the inflatable boat
On occasions Matthew managed to stay in the boat...
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